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2017 Porterville Corporate Games
Presented by:  Tule River Indian Tribe of CA

Game Schedules & Tournament Brackets


CORNHOLE (final)–September 11
(double elimination tournament)

VOLLEYBALL (final) – September 12-19
(double elimination tournament)

SPELLING BEE – September 12

6:00pm- All teams

ARCHERY - September 13

5:20pm- Tule River Tribe Purple (warmup)

5:25pm- Walmart DC Blue (warmup)

5:30pm- Galaxy Theatres (warmup)

5:35pm- Walmart DC Yellow (warmup)

5:45pm- Tule River Tribe Purple - Walmart DC Blue

5:45pm- Galaxy Theatres - Walmart DC Yellow

5:45pm- TREDC (warmup)

5:50pm- Eagle Mtn. Casino Black (warmup)

5:55pm- Eagle Mtn. Casino Maroon (warmup)

6:00pm- Tule River Tribe Gold (warmup)

6:15pm- TREDC - Eagle Mtn. Casino Black

6:15pm- Eagle Mtn. Casino Maroon - Tule River Tribe Gold

6:20pm- Fire Department (warmup)

6:25pm- Burton School District (warmup)

6:30pm- CDPW Titans (warmup)

6:45pm- Fire Department - Burton School District

6:45pm- CDPW Titans

HOME RUN DERBY – September 14

5:00pm- Fire Department

5:20pm- Galaxy Theatres

5:35pm- CDPW Titans

5:50pm- Burton School District

6:05pm- Eagle Mountain Casino Maroon

6:20pm- Walmart DC Yellow

6:35pm- Eagle Mountain Casino Black

6:50pm- TREDC

7:05pm- Tule River Tribe Gold

7:20pm- Tule River Tribe Purple

7:35pm- Walmart DC Blue

BOWLING– September 15

6:00pm- Galaxy Theatres - CDPW Titans

6:00pm- Fire Department - Tule River Tribe Gold

6:00pm- Walmart DC Blue – TREDC

6:00pm- Eagle Mountain Casino Black - Tule River Tribe Purple

6:00pm- Burton School District - Eagle Mountain Casino Maroon

6:00pm- Walmart DC Yellow

FOOTGOLF – September 18

6:00pm- Walmart DC Yellow - Tule River Tribe Purple

6:00pm- Burton School District - TREDC

6:00pm- Walmart DC Blue - CDPW Titans - Tule River Tribe Gold

6:00pm- Eagle Mountain Casino Maroon – Galaxy Theatres

6:00pm   - Fire Department – Eagle Mountain Casino Black


6:00pm- Eagle Mtn. Casino Black – Tule River Tribe Gold

6:15pm- Walmart DC Blue - Fire Department

6:30pm- Tule River Tribe Purple – Galaxy Theatres

6:45pm- Walmart DC Yellow – Eagle Mtn. Casino Maroon

7:00pm- TREDC – CDPW Titans

7:15pm- Burton School District

OBSTACLE COURSE – September 21

5:45pm- Walmart DC Yellow - Walmart DC Blue

6:00pm- Tule River Tribe Purple- Tule River Tribe Gold

6:15pm- Burton School District - CDPW Titans

6:30pm- Eagle Mtn. Casino Black - Eagle Mtn. Casino Maroon

6:45pm- Galaxy Theatres- TREDC

7:00pm- Fire Department


For more information call (559) 782-7521 or email


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