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Established in 2008, the Porterville Youth Commission serves as representatives of youth throughout our community. We value and promote youth ideas, input, involvement, diversity, communication, and success. We believe unity is the key to empowerment, and as youth, we can make a difference!

2019- 2020 Commissioners

Celia Acosta Porterville Military Academy
Kashmir Barker Summit Charter Collegiate Academy
Katarina Bledsaw Butterfield Charter
Jake Buckley Monache High School
Evie Cuelho Monache High School
Ava LoBue Monache High School
Taylor Caplener Butterfield Charter
Joseph Champion Porterville Military Academy
Christian Izazaga Summit Charter Collegiate Academy
Evany Garcia Porterville High School
Elijah Mauck Porterville Military Academy
Moses Ortiz Porterville High School
Jennah Sokoloff Porterville High School
Felicia Vasquez Summit Charter Collegiate Academy
Noemi Villalobos Strathmore High School
Teresa Santoyo Granite Hills High School
Steve Escobar Granite Hills High School
Alexa Yanez Granite Hills High School


Council Report- October 15
First meeting of 2019/2020- September 18

Meeting Dates

September 18 Agenda February 19 Cancelled, local emergency
October 16 Agenda March 18 Cancelled, COVID-19 response
November 20 Agenda April 15 Cancelled, COVID-19 response
December 11 Agenda May 20 Cancelled, COVID-19 response
January 15 Agenda    

(third Wednesday of the month @ 2:30 pm)

2018- 2019 Highlights

2018-2019 First Meeting
Tule River Parkway Garden Project
Tule River Parkway Garden Project
2019 Dodgeball Tournament
2019 Dodgeball Tournament
Meeting/ tour at Fire Station #71


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