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Porterville Airport
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Porterville, CA 93257
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Porterville Airport

A sign of the times... notice the old CDF shield and logo in the upper left corner of the Porterville Air Attack Bases sign (click for larger image). CalFire is now the official name of the fire protection agency serving with the US Forest Service to guard the southern Sierras.

Porterville Air Attack Base

The Porterville Municipal Airport has a long history of serving as home of the Air Attack Base protecting the southern Sierra Mountains by the US Forest Service and CalFire (formerly CDF - California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection).

1969 Air Attack Base F7F Tigercat and PBY
(click for larger image)

The Porterville Airport and Air Attack Base has served as home to many airplanes over the years. These workhorse aircraft have carried the load in support of ground crews protecting wild-land forestry, structures, and the lives of area citizens. Here's a look back and a glimpse into their world.

Porterville Air Attack Base in 1973

Porterville Air Attack Base in 1977

Air Attack Base P3 Orion retardant drop

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