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Porterville Airport
1893 So. Newcomb St
Porterville, CA 93257
(559) 782-7540
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Porterville Airport

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Porterville Municipal Airport, Aviation Services, Airport Development opportunities, and more. If you have a question you think other people might like answered, please submit it through our contact information at left.


Why Should I Fly to Porterville?

Porterville has a great restaurant and outstanding setting next to the Southern Sierra's. Flying in for breakfast and lunch can be a great experience. The runway is easily accessible, without significant congestion and encroachment. There is convenient apron space next to the terminal in which the restaurant is located. For return flights, a pilot planning room is available. A fueling island is a short walk from the terminal, restaurant, and pilot planning room. For convenience, fuel may be purchased from the truck.

What Are Tie-Down and Hangar Rates?

Porterville Airport has 54 tie-downs which rent at $2.00 a day or $20 a month. Approximately 27 hangar spaces are available. They start at $70 and go to $175 a month. For those developing hangars, space is available on developed aprons for 26.5 cents per square foot, per year. The Airport maintains a waiting list for hangars. To place your name on the list, please call airport management at 559-782-7540. Additional private hangar space is available. Information regarding these hangars may be obtained from airport management.

Are there Aviation Activities at the Airport?

Yes, the 2011 Porterville Air Faire is scheduled for June 11th. Porterville Airport hosts fly-ins for various organizations including Red Star, Mini-Mites, Tulare County Sheriff's Aero Squadron and Thorps. If you want to arrange a special event or fly-in please call airport management at 559-782-7540. Please visit the Airport Activities page for more information.

Is Aviation Business Space Available?

Yes, facilities to host an FBO are available at the Airport. Please contact airport management to coordinate this.


What are the Airport Restaurant Hours?

The restaurant is open every day from 8AM to 2PM, except Tuesday.


What are the Airport Office Hours?

The office is normally open 8AM to 5PM, each day. If you want to meet with airport management, it is best to call ahead and schedule a meeting.


Are Aircraft Services Available at the Airport?

Currently, airframe and power-plant services are available on the field.

Is Flight Instruction Available at Porterville Airport?

Yes, many pilots have been trained at Porterville. The best way to coordinate with a flight instructor is to call airport management at

Is there a Scheduled Airline service at Porterville Airport?

Porterville has charter services, but currently there is not a schedule air carrier.

Are Rental Cars Available at Porterville Airport?

Porterville is served by Enterprise and Cars, Inc. Those arriving at Porterville may call Enterprise at 559.788.6240 or Cars, Inc at 559-781-9900.




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