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Public Works


C-1 Curb & Gutter - Barrier Type
C-2 Curb & Gutter - Roll Type
C-3 Curb - Barrier Type
C-4 Monolithic Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk
C-5 Alley Approach
C-6 P.C.C. Driveways
C-7 P.C.C. Cross Gutter
C-8 Concrete Sidewalks
C-9 Concrete "V" Gutter
C-10 Street Intersection Return - 5' or 10" Sidewalk
C-10.1 Street Intersection Return - Exist. 7' Parkway and 20' Radius
C-11 Driveway Clearance Requirements
C-12 Expansion Joint Detail
C-13 Specifications for Construction of Concrete Improvements on Expansive Soils

To view the DWF file, download the free Autodesk Design Review from

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