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Water Conservation Plan

Phase II

Applies during periods when there is a water supply shortage

When water supply conditions start to deteriorate it would be incumbent upon the City to implement mandatory water conservation provisions.


I. Public Information Program

The City will pursue a more aggressive distribution of information than its efforts initiated in Phase I to promote public awareness of the need to conserve water with a stronger emphasis on the water shortage condition.

II. Water System Pressure Reduction

The City's water system may experience reduced water pressures during high usage periods.   This may deter water use for nonessential activities and encourage scheduling of landscape watering to late nights or early mornings.


III. City Landscapes and Watering Schedules

All City parks, median islands and public facility landscapes will be watered during the late night or early morning hours to reduce impact on the water system during peak usage hours.

IV. Leak Detection ‑ Water Waste

The City will continue in its proactive plan to audit water supply usage.  All City staff will be reminded of the necessity of reporting any evidence of leaks or water waste for immediate action.  There will be an emphasis on coordinated community efforts to reduce water waste.

V.  Waste of Water Notices

City staff will be equipped to issue “Waste of Water” notices to consumers identified as misusing water. 

VI. Voluntary Odd/Even Watering days

Increase Public education on program initiated from phase I

VII. Continuation of all Conservation programs from Phase I


I. Conservation Efforts:

The general public will be strongly encouraged to utilize those water conservation measures contained within the City's public information program.

II. Restaurants:

Notices will be sent to all restaurants within the City limits requesting support of water conservation efforts by serving water to customers upon request only.

III. Lawn and Landscaping Watering:

All residential, commercial and industrial landscape watering should be reduced to a minimum and avoid watering between the hours of 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

IV.  Vehicle Washing and Sidewalk Hosing:

A.   Vehicle washing should be accomplished either by automatic car washes that recycle water or with buckets and hoses equipped with a shut-off nozzle.

B.    Per Section 25-5 of the City Municipal Code, “The consumer shall use reasonable care to prevent the waste of water, shall not allow water to run or waste from his property onto streets or highways, shall not use water in washing sidewalks, building entrances or lobbies or other properties to such excess that water shall flow in street gutters beyond the frontage of the properties occupied by them.” 

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