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November 2009 Employee of the Month

Captain Dave LaPere

We are pleased to introduce to you the November 2009 City of Porterville Employee of the Month, Dave LaPere.

Dave started his career with the Porterville Fire Department as a Reserve Firefighter in 1989.  In 1990 he was offered a full-time Firefighter position, and rose through the ranks to become Captain in 2007, currently serving as the Fire Department’s Deputy Fire Marshal in the Fire Prevention Bureau.

He was selected as the City of Porterville Employee of the Month due to his “can do” attitude and diligence in working with not only City staff in other departments, but also contractors, architects, and developers on issues that arise during plan review and construction of projects.  He was instrumental in the finalization of the new Church of the Nazarene, Sears, and Vallarta Market, just to name a few.  He has also assisted local restaurants in becoming compliant with the new State law requiring the retrofitting of Hood and Duct Suppression Systems throughout the City.  David also made it possible for the Fire Marshal to spend a great deal of his time in the construction of the new training facility by not only continuing with his own duties, but also taking on most of the Fire Marshal’s duties.  He is a great asset to the Fire Prevention Bureau.      

In his free time, Dave is a voracious reader, and enjoys subjects as varied as history, anthropology, biographies of great statesmen, and the Fire Code.  He is a certified Fire Prevention Officer with the State, as well as a Certified Fire Officer.  He is working on his degree at Porterville College along with additional classes with the goal of becoming a certified Prevention Specialist, Plans Examiner, and Fire Marshal.

Dave has been married to JoJeana for 22 years. They have two daughters, Megan and Madison.

Let’s give a big welcome to the November 2009 City of Porterville Employee of the Month, Dave LaPere.  

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