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Downtown Porterville is more than just a collection of streets and buildings. It's the city's soul, a tapestry woven with rich history, unwavering community spirit, and boundless potential. Here, the echoes of the past blend seamlessly with the energy of a future brimming with promise.

For Visitors
We invite you to explore this historic business hub, where:

  • History comes alive: Stroll through our charming historic district, where beautifully restored Victorian-era buildings tell stories of Porterville's vibrant past.
  • Innovation thrives: Witness the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels our diverse businesses, from classic barber shops and clothing shops to family-owned cafes and quality restaurants. 
  • Creativity inspires: Immerse yourself in a historic downtown where every turn highlights the historic vibe of yesteryear blended with businesses showcasing local talent. 
  • Community connects: Gather with friends and neighbors at lively events, farmers markets, and outdoor concerts that celebrate the heart of Porterville.
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For Businesses
Explore, invest and thrive in Downtown Porterville.
  • Business development opportunities: There are areas to grow in Downtown Porterville. Please contact to discuss business development opportunities.
  • Business resources: The City of Porterville provides a variety of business resources and a liaison can be assigned to prospective or existing business owners wishing to enjoy the personalized support of City staff. 
  • Communication channels: Downtown Porterville businesses wishing to receive regular communication about the downtown business district may request to be placed on a mailing list. Please fill out the form to be included in upcoming communication and invitations to join discussions regarding downtown. 
  • Downtown Business Newsletter: The Downtown Businesses Newsletter is dedicated to sharing information pertaining to downtown businesses and facilitating communication between the City of Porterville and the business community.
Questions? Contact the Economic Development Division by emailing or call (559) 782-7460.

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