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Share Your Porterville Pride: Shop Local • Dine Local • Be Local 

The City of Porterville collaborates with the Porterville Chamber, local business owners, local content creators, and other organizations to support local commerce and tourism. The Shop Local campaign is all about supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s also about taking pride in what makes Porterville memorable and a place people want to visit for shopping, entertainment, and adventure.

The Shop Local Porterville campaign has two other components: Dine Local and Be Local. That's because we want this campaign to be inclusive of all our community members and partners. Take a look at our materials and create your own based on what aspect of Porterville you'd like to show off. If you are a non-profit serving this area, perhaps the "Be Local" component of the campaign works well for you. Whether you're a local business, shop, restaurant or community member or partner, please join us on the fun!

Marketing Tools

Please use the following tools to help guide your social media activity as you participate in highlighting why you Shop Local Porterville. Please feel free to personalize and share your own stories, photos and experiences as much as possible. Use the tags and hashtags provided below. Unsure of how to use these materials? Email us at

Social Media Graphics

On desktop, right click and "save image as" or on mobile, press & hold until a prompt pops up and save image on your camera roll.

Shop Local Porterville Social Media Graphic (1) Shop Local Porterville Social Media Graphic (2) Shop Local Porterville Social Media Graphic (3)
Shop Local Porterville Social Media Graphic (4) Shop Local Porterville Social Media Graphic (5) Shop Local Porterville Social Media Graphic (6)
Shop Local Porterville Social Media Graphic (7) Shop Local Porterville Social Media Graphic (8) Shop Local Porterville Social Media Graphic (9)

Make Your Own Graphics

You're welcome to use the Shop Local • Dine Local • Be Local logos in your own artwork and social media content. We just ask that you let us know you've used them by tagging us so that we can re-share your content!
Google Drive (Logos)

We've worked with the Porterville Chamber to bring you Canva templates. Use these ready-made templates to customize for your business or content creation goals.
Canva Templates


The Porterville Chamber and the City of Porterville held a graphic design webinar to help empower local businesses and community members to create their own designs. Read more about it.

Suggested Social Media Wording

Suggested Post Copy for Businesses

The right gift for a special loved one might be right around the corner in a local Porterville shop. This holiday season, consider stopping by our location at _____. We offer _____! #ShopLocalPorterville

Suggested Post Copy for Local Shoppers

Porterville has many local favorites. I love shopping at ______. Add a personalized message: #ShopLocalPorterville

social media icons

TAG Choose Porterville, Porterville Chamber, other local businesses, community members and organizations to share your Porterville pride!

This way, more people can see your content, engage with it and potentially share.

Facebook Accounts to Tag






Put an @ symbol and begin writing the name to tag on Facebook. A drop-down menu will appear and you will be able to select accounts.  

Instagram Accounts to Tag







Use HASHTAGS in your captions. Hashtags help spread the word about your posts so that new people and Choose Porterville can find your content.

Hashtags to use:




Other Marketing Resources

Window Stickers for Shop Local Partners

To receive your Shop Local Proud Partner sticker, please contact us directly by emailing or by calling 559-782-7460. Our team looks forward to connecting with you. 

Contact Us

For additional participant resources and tools, please contact our Economic Development team by emailing or by calling 559-782-7460. Our team will be happy to connect with you and bring you up to speed so that you, too, can be part of our local campaign!


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