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The City of Porterville's Safe and Sane Fireworks program ensures that fireworks sold within the city limits are done so with a great level of care and mindfulness of the possible dangers involved. Safe and Sane Fireworks are sold by select non-profit groups who are chosen by lottery during the period of February 16-28th. Find out if you qualify as an eligible organization here.

Applications for Non-Profit Groups

safe_sane_fireworkslogoEligible organizations who wish to sell Safe and Sane Fireworks within the city must first submit a Pre-Application to the Fire Department.  Applications will be accepted from January 1st until the last business day of January. The application can be filled out from the link below.  If you are unable to fill out the form in the link, please call the Fire Prevention Office at 559-782-7526 and they will be able to assist.


Changes to Fireworks Ordinance

Various changes have been made to the City of Porterville's firework ordinance which can be found here.

It is the requirement of each organization to understand its rights and responsibilities when selling Safe and Sane Fireworks within the City of Porterville.

Safety Regulations

There are various Safety Regulations that are required to be met while organizations are participating in the sale of Safe and Sane Fireworks. These regulations ensure that both the general public and those participating in the sale of Safe and Sane Fireworks are as protected as possible.

Distance requirements for the stand and surrounding areas

Various policies are in place regarding distancing requirements for the stand itself and the immediate area up to 100 feet. The diagram and Distance Regulations below detail all of the requirements for a Safe and Sane Fireworks stand.

Office of the State Fire Marshal

Additional information from the Office State Fire Marshal.

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