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Veterans, Senior, Disabled & Medicare Recipient Rider Information

ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act. Porterville Transit's ADA Paratransit service, called Dial-A-COLT, is offered in strict accordance with the ADA Act of 1990.

Dial-A-COLT is a shared ride, advanced reservation, origin-to-destination service for persons with disabilities who are unable to use the regular fixed route public transit service because of their disability. Dial-A-COLT is designed to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act service criteria established by the federal government.

For a complete guide on how Dial-A-COLT operates, please read our Rider's Guide.

For a spanish version of the Rider's Guide, click here.

Service Rules

Service is provided only to individuals found eligible, and is operated by Porterville Transit under the following ADA guidelines:

  • Service is only provided in areas where Porterville Transit fixed route buses operate. Dial-A-COLT vehicles can only make pick-ups and drop-offs at places that are within three-quarters of a mile of a Porterville Transit bus route.
  • Service is provided only during the hours and days when fixed route service in that area operates.
  • Rides must be reserved at least one day (or up to two weeks) in advance.
  • Dial-A-COLT fares are twice the cost of a full fare on a fixed route bus.
  • Service provided for all types of trips.


Individuals interested in using the Porterville Dial-A-COLT Service as ADA riders must be screened for eligibility and will require documentation from a medical professional. A face-to-face interview with Porterville Transit Dial-A-COLT staff is required to determine if the disability actually prevents the rider from using the Fixed Route bus system. The passenger's origin and destination must be within a 3/4-mile corridor of one of Porterville Transit's bus routes. Service operates on the same days and times as the closest bus route to your trip.

Is Your Address Eligible for Service?

Contact Dial-A-COLT staff to find out whether your address falls within the 3/4-mile corridor and is eligible for service.
Dial-A-COLT (559) 791-7800

Categories of Service

There are three categories under which a person can be eligible for ADA paratransit service:

  • Category 1: Eligibility includes those persons who, because of their disability, cannot independently use a regular, accessible bus.
  • Category 2: Eligibility is based on the accessibility of vehicles and terminals/stops (for example, a person is able to use the regular bus, but it is not accessible).
  • Category 3: Eligibility pertains to situations in which a person cannot travel independently to or from a bus stop.

A person can be given "conditional" eligibility for ADA paratransit service if they are able to use the bus under certain conditions, but not others; in those situations, eligibility will be determined according to a particular set of circumstances or conditions which pertain to a person's disability.

Passengers who require the assistance of a Personal Care Attendant must have this approved during the eligibility review.

If you are approved for ADA service, you will receive an approval letter along with an ADA identification car. This card can be shown to other transit agencies identifying you as ADA eligible. If you lose your I.D. card, you may get a replacement at the Porterville Transit Center, 61 W. Oak Ave, Porterville, CA 93257. The cost is $5.00.


Visitors who are eligible for ADA service in other cities and have documentation may use the Dial-A-COLT service during their visit to Porterville. Visitors who do not have documentation of ADA eligibility from another transit agency, but can provide documentation of a disability, may be eligible to use the service for up to twenty-one (21) days.


Eligible riders may schedule a trip on the Dial-A-COLT Service by calling 559-791-7800, during the following hours:

  • Monday - Friday    6:15 a.m.    10:00 p.m.
  • Saturday    8:15 a.m.    10:00 p.m.
  • Sunday    8:15 a.m.    5:00 p.m.

For hours outside the above times or holiday service, please follow the voice mail instructions.

Passengers approved for Dial-A-COLT service are required to book their reservation the day before the requested trip, or up to two weeks in advance. It is permissible under ADA regulations for reservations staff to negotiate the requested pick-up time within a one-hour window before or after the passenger's requested pick-up time.

When you call to schedule a trip, please be ready to provide:

  • Your name and date of trip
  • The time you want to be at your appointment and your return trip pickup time
  • Your pickup address and telephone number
  • Destination name, address and telephone number
  • Whether you use a wheelchair or other mobility device
  • Whether a personal care attendant (as indicated during the eligibility process) or guest will be riding with you, along with their name(s)
  • The specific door, entrance or waiting area you wish to be picked up and dropped off

Please be sure to bring your Dial-A-COLT identification card to show the driver. If you lose your card, you may get a replacement at the Porterville Transit Center, 61 W. Oak Ave, Porterville, CA 93257. The cost is $5.00

Dial-A-COLT Fares

  • General    $5.00
  • Veterans/Seniors/Disabled/Medicare Card Holder    $2.50


  • Smoking is prohibited on all ADA Dial-A-COLT vehicles.
  • Exact fare must be paid when boarding. Drivers do not make change.
  • Eating and drinking are prohibited in all Dial-A-COLT vehicles.
  • No littering in the vehicles.
  • No radios, cassette tape or CD players, or sound-generating equipment are to be played aloud aboard the vehicle. Riders must use earphones or headphones when using these types of devices.
  • All passengers are required to wear seatbelts including shoulder belts for wheelchiar clients.
  • Dial-A-Colt cannot make same-day changes to reservations.
  • Unscheduled stops are not allowed (for example, stopping at convenience stores for drinks, stopping at pharmacis for prescriptions, etc.). Drivers are only allowed to make stops at destinations listed on their manifests. Due to safety concerns, Dial-A-COLT may modify the exact pickup or dropoff location.
  • Violent, disruptive or illegal behavior wil not be tolerated. Passengers who are physically or verbally abusive to drivers or other passengers, or are otherwise disruptive, will be subject to disciplinary actions which may lead to suspension of service. If necessary, Porterville Transit staff will contact the appropriate law enforcement authorities to have a disruptive individual removed from the vehicle.
  • Service animals may ride at no additional charge, but must be properly controlled. Service animals must remain at the owner's feet or on the owner's lap. A service animal cannot sit on a vehicle seat or obstruct aisles, doors and steps in order to facilitate safe boarding. Riders are responsible for the behavior and hygiene needs of the service animal. Service can be refused or discontinued if a service animal is seriously disruptive or violent.

How to Apply

For additional information and to begin the application process, please call the Dial-A-COLT office at 559-791-7800 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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