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The City of Porterville has an Internet Resident Information System (IRIS) designed to deliver important and valuable community information to residents in our area using Constant Contact's electronic mail (email) services.  Sign up to receive email notifications regarding public safety alerts and activities, city sponsored community events and activities, job announcements, and City Council news. 

Below is the type of information you can expect to receive when you sign up for one of the contact groups:

Community News and Updates - Monthly E-Newsletter

Are you interested in finding out about upcoming projects or the latest City news?  Would you like to be notified about upcoming City events and activities?  The City sends out a monthly e-newsletter to keep you up to date about your City. It is our goal to keep our residents informed and educated on all current events. By signing up for the City Community News and Updates list you will be notified of the latest City news, initiatives and community happenings. Receive an e-mail notice when the latest newsletter has been published and stay informed by signing up today!

Parks & Leisure Events and Activities

Tired of feeling like there is nothing to do in Porterville or missing out on your child’s favorite sport because you missed registration?  Receiving an email from Parks & Leisure Services will ensure that you will always be informed of special events and activities and youth and adult sport registration dates, as well as Library Services, OHV, Municipal Golf Course and Zalud House Museum information.  Stay connected and get informed of all the great activities and attractions that the City of Porterville Parks & Leisure Services has to offer.

Fire Activities and Alerts

Need to know how to save a life?  Need a safety tip to help keep your family or business out of harms way or a reminder when to change the battery in your smoke alarm? Receiving an email from the Porterville Fire Department will do just that, plus more. We will have reminders of civic activities we are involved in along with Fire and Life safety programs, Open Houses at the Fire Station, Fire Prevention Week programs and how to keep your family safe during an emergency. We will also have tips on how to be prepared in case of an emergency and what items you might want to have on hand in case disaster strikes. All of this and much more coming to you from the Porterville Fire Department.

City Council News

Are you interested in knowing what issues are being considered by your elected city officials?  Would you like to be notified about upcoming City Council meetings?  By signing up for the City Council News list you will be notified of all City Council meetings and other Council related information. Receive an e-mail notice when the latest Agenda has been posted on the City web site.  Be an informed member of your community by signing up today!

Job Announcements

Do you want to work for the City of Porterville? Does it seem like you are missing job opportunities?  Sign up today for the City’s Job Announcements list and you'll be notified of all active recruitments and job opportunities for positions serving the City of Porterville, the dates of application acceptance, and requirements for open positions. This is your personal job announcement sign up list! Don't be discouraged - get informed!

For more information contact the City at (559)782-7499 or review our Frequently Asked Questions below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Constant Contact is the community information service selected to help residents stay connected to the information that matters most to you.  The service uses E-Mail to  deliver important and valuable community information to residents in our area.  A subscription style service you only have to sign-up for the contact lists or groups you want to participate in to start receiving important information.

Only authorized messages from the contact list administrator will be sent out.  These messages are typically related to City news, alerts, events, activities, and announcements authorized by the City of Porterville.

Yes, you must subscribe to the contact lists you want to start receiving information on.  Only your E-Mail address is required to subscribe, a confirmation E-Mail will be sent to the E-Mail address provided to confirm the subscription process.

No, only a valid E-Mail address is required to start receiving valuable community information.

No, only City staff have access to send information messages and citizen information is stored on a secure server in a secure facility by Constant Contact.  Constant Contact will not sell or share any E-Mail information to third parties.  The privacy of your information is very important to us.

Absolutely, we encourage everyone to sign-up for as many contact lists as you have interests in receiving valuable information about.

Yes, although we would not recommend this you can subscribe to multiple contact lists using different E-Mail addresses.  You will have to sign into each E-Mail system to view and read sent messages for each contact list.

No.  We use a no reply return E-Mail address which is not monitored and all returned or incoming messages are deleted.

Please contact the City's general information line at (559)782-7499 or send email to

If you still have a message form a contact list that you are subscribed to, there is a  link at the bottom of the message.  Click on this link to confirm you want to unsubscribe. You will need to verify the email account is yours and then you can unsubscribe from all or select the contact lists you wish to be removed from. 

If you do not have any messages from one of your subscribed contact lists return to the City of Porterville iRIS page and click on the Safe Unsubscribe link under the Options Menu on the left side of the page.

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